Now that the wedding season is upon us, these seemed a no brainer to make.


Beautiful lace bows that can be mounted on alligator clips, Alice bands or nylon headbands, please chose your preferred fixing from the drop-down menu.


Headbands used will be our usual super soft nylon headbands, perfect for babies and young child. The headband will be white to match the bow.


Alice bands will be white satin, these are recommended for age 2+.

White Lace Bows/Headbands

  • All products are made with extreme care and a lot of love. However, please ensure small children are always supervised whilst wearing any kind of hair accessory, some may contain small parts that may become loose and can become a choking hazard.

    Remove all hair accessories whilst sleeping.​ 

    Please look after your goodies and use them for their intended purpose. Our products are not toys.

  • Colours may appear different in person due to viewing on a screen.